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The enemies in Fallout 76 Wastelanders are simply interesting, let's see How to find the Wendigo colossus

What is the Wendigo Colossus in Fallout 76 Wastelanders?

  This is nothing more than a beast, an enemy with which we get ourselves in the game, and the best thing of all is that there is not only the possibility of finding this enemy because other interesting elements have been incorporated, only to achieve this Enemy it is necessary to carry out a series of tasks taking into account that the person we are facing is an extremely strong beast and for this it is necessary to have some nuclear weapons.
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    How to find the Wendigo colossus in Fallout 76 Wastelanders?

    The way to hold an encounter with this beast is random and there are 4 different ways, only here we detail only the assault that we can carry out in these locations:

    •  North of the gnarled shallows
    • Northwest of the Bailey Family Cottage
    • North of Old Mold Quarry
    • Northeast of the National Radio Research Center
    • East of Spruce Knob and Huntersville
    • On the stream side at Sundew Grove
    • The watchful cliff.
    • Between the construction and panoramic view of Dent and Sons
    • Downtown Ash Heap
    • The Excelsior Model Home
    • The Vault-tec Agricultural Research Center
    • The Bastion Park
    • The top of the world
    • The North Groves Family Cabin
    • The Becker Farm
    • The Graninger Farm
    • Braxson's Quality Medical Supplies
    • Marigold Pavilion
    • Slocum's Joe Cooperative Headquarters
    • KMAX transmission
    • All around the Whitespring Resort

     What do we need to take down the colossal Wendigo in Fallout 76 Wastelanders?

    Knowing how to find the Wendigo colossus is only part of the work in this game because here we will get other pretty strong enemies in all these places, if we are capable we can shoot them down, but we are not necessarily obliged, but if there is loot for which we must fight tirelessly and it is one that contains nuclear weapon launch codes and a nuclear card, as this helps us to launch a nuclear bomb and with it in our power we can bring down the Colossus Wendigo.

    There are specific places where it is more comfortable or, let's say, easier to know How to find the Wendigo colossus, because there we can launch attacks with nuclear bombs that will undoubtedly allow us to attack it because normally the fight with this enemy is not so simple but it is possible to defeat the beast while fighting and exploring some nuclear areas, leaving us as the best places to attack the following:

    •  West of Federal Destruction Camp HZ-21.
    • North of Monorail Elevator,
    • South of The Freak Show and Devil's Backbone
    • In the construction and panorama of Dent and Sons
    • Between the panoramic view and Dent and Sons Construction

     Now that you know how to find the Wendigo colossus, it is only necessary to go through one of these places, knowing that it is a complex enemy that we will get in Fallout 76 Wastelanders.

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