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Pokémon GO: How to Get Gifts

2020-01-02 11:21:58

The main topic that we will have covered in this article is How to get gifts in Pokémon GO.

We may receive gifts from our friends in Pokémon GO, even to send them back so that the general friendship with them is strengthened, through these gifts we can obtain important resources and other benefits at the time that our friendship increases in level with other trainers , our question to solve in this article and its content is How to get gifts, the answers come from now, let's pay attention.

How to get gifts in Pokémon GO?

We have to visit the PokéStops that will be in our environment, in this way we will get gifts to give them to our friends, when visiting one of these places, turning the dial we will get a gift in our inventory, this delivery is random, therefore in Sometimes we may not receive it, even during the visit of many PokéStops can lead us to get a single gift, 10 gifts being the maximum limit we can get.

At any time we can send gifts to our coaching friends of our list, per day only a single gift can be sent, to make the shipment, in the lower left section of our screen, we enter the photo of our profile and thus access the list of friends that we have on the right side of our profile, we choose any of the coaches to access your profile, here we find your avatar and partner Pokemon, we will notice a gift icon at the bottom of the avatar, on the left, We will click here and the selection of the 10 gifts to send one comes, the coach will be notified once it is sent, it is important that the coach who was sent the gift opens it if we want to be able to send more.

If we receive a gift, in relation to the event the application will indicate a notification, in the icon of our avatar we will click to access the application, once we open, we will receive a postcard related to the place in the which our friend received the gift

What can be the content of a gift in Pokémon GO?

Of the gifts there are items that we can obtain at random and these are the following:

  • Sun stone
  • Pine berries
  • 7km Eggs, in this case it is important to have grooves
  • Star dust
  • King's Rock
  • Poké Balls, Great Balls and Ultra Balls
  • Regular and Max Revives
  • Regular, Super, Hyper and Maximum Potions

We conclude with the article and its content, in which are the details to follow of How to obtain gifts in Pokémon GO, at the same time we hope that our readers follow these guidelines and that it helps them in the objective.

iOS, Android
Augmented reality, location-based game
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Release date:
July 6, 2016

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