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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-10 17:08:50

More about: Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO simply keeps us entertained and that's why today we're going to talk about How to get a Super Rocket Radar, let's see.

Why get a Super Rocket Radar in Pokemon GO?

Our work for Pokemon HO has allowed us to get many battles, a number of creatures, and above all to become highly trained trainers, but this time the game offers us the possibility of getting a Super Rocket Radar and this allows us to get it to come back quite a challenge, since not only we will opt for this radar, there will be more players interested in it.

Knowing how to obtain a Super Rocket Radar is emerging as an interesting and necessary task, since we have the possibility to fight against the Rocket team, and thus be able to challenge the hot air balloons that float by and tend to be piloted by grumpy average rockets which is more challenging but can simply become an excellent alternative for us.
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How to get a Super Rocket Radar in Pokemon GO?

The first task that we must do is choose to get a Standard Radar Rocket that simply requires getting 6 mysterious components to which it will only be necessary to combine them, although if we have some money it is possible to buy it is the Pokecoins store, because in that sense it is However, it is vital to achieve this before focusing on our main work, which is knowing how to obtain a Super Rocket Radar.

The process to get this standard rocket without buying it can be somewhat tedious but that can give our task a little more fun since that is precisely what it is about, but specifically focusing on the Super Rocket Radar is essential although we must be clear that it is not Win by simply defeating the Pokemon GO rocket leaders.

The possibility of knowing how to obtain a Super Rocket Radar simply allows us to challenge the 3 Rocket Leaders Pokemon GO but this does not mean that with only that we will get them, they do not put us such a simple job and this means that we must leave in search of a Pokemon Shadow.

Normally most of us consider that it is feasible to fight in some Raid battles because we are offered the opportunity to complete Loaming in the Shadows, and the possibility of fighting against a considerable amount of rocket growls, at this point the challenge of the 3 leaders can be described as complicated and difficult but necessary, since it allows us to get some important rewards.

 The research Loaming in the Shadows is quite complex but it is a necessary tool in Pokemon GO, since it ends up being the only option to get this Super Rocket Radar, as long as we have managed to complete page 4 of 6, after we get it we review the inventory and we check that it is equipped because the task of locating Giovanni's hiding places comes to us, since these usually contain grumpy rockets, it is also important to explore much more because our next task is to get the real Giovanni, because when getting it it is possible to defeat him only that this implies possibility that our Super Rocket Radar may expire, but still the search will have been worth it.

 Definitely knowing how to get a Super Rocket Radar simply makes us fight and perform important tasks while mobilizing through Pokemon GO.

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