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With our Pokemon GO guide you will learn more about how to fix friends list not loading.

What should we know about the friends list not loaded in Pokemon GO?

We have always found some options to make exchanges and add our friends through many elements in the games of this incredible franchise, the thing is that this game is not the exception, but nevertheless we find that the list of friends is not It is loaded, a fact that occurs when freezing when you want to open it or send a gift, which ruins the participation of many of us in the challenge, had the division of different hours to do different things at the time of the friendship, we sent the gift shipping worldwide, the intention was to get a reward but could not due to this failure, actually the purpose of this was changed even for a few minutes, now it is clear to want to know how to solve that list of friends is not loaded and if it is possible to achieve what we are going to see in the following content, let's go ahead to see what we find.
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    How to fix friend list not loading in Pokemon GO?

    Closing the game and forcibly restarting it will be the little we can do, since we do not have any solution to this Bug, we can do this with any luck we can access our list of friends, however access to a gift will not be it is possible, the different hours of friendship, it is expected that the solution for which we are being affected exists to continue enjoying such an outstanding option that this incredible adventure has for us.

    This is all we know so far about how to fix friends list not loading, just stay tuned for more details on Pokemon GO.

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