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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-27 16:35:06

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PUBG Mobile simply makes us stay active and surviving, let's see where to find monster trucks

What are monster trucks in PUBG Mobile?

These are nothing more than a kind of vehicle that has been included in this game, as well as other articles, it is part of the panorama that is presented in the new map that has been called Livik, because this is simply an update full of some pretty rocks girls but where there will be enough to do.

The appearance of monster vehicles coincides perfectly with this type of rocky terrain on the map where a normal vehicle is difficult to access, as it is definitely a challenge in which it is necessary to know where to find monster trucks since they are the only ones indicated for these areas.

The need to survive leads us to go to some somewhat difficult areas to access in PUBG Mobile, we can choose to use a low profile so as not to do much warning and take advantage of each space, and the opportunity to know where to find monster trucks to drive to. Through the rocky mountains it is simply quite a challenge for which there is not much to prepare for but simply to be risky.
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Where to find monster trucks in PUBG Mobile?

These are the places where we can get the monster trucks in PUBG Mobile:


  •  At the power plant.
  • In the Aqueduct.
  • On the Crab Lawn.


 Knowing where to find monster trucks leads us to go to any of these places although it is also possible to get it in other places, however it is important to note that these are usually obtained randomly only on the Livik map.

This is a vehicle that is not really difficult to get, because it has a strong enough sound that makes you identify quickly, it is extremely powerful and heavy, because it has the ability to crush everything that is put in front of you, this simply means that it is the ideal vehicle to move through the mountains that we will never be able to access with another type of vehicle and that precisely become the safest places in a world where survival is the only option that PUBG Mobile presents us.

When we use monster trucks we must be careful, because the sound they usually make usually alerts enemies, so when we want to go unnoticed without anyone knowing it, this is not the option, since the enemies will be waiting every minimal sound to shoot us and just wait for us to get out of the vehicle to fire his weapon against us, it is important to consider that these vehicles cannot be used in the last part of the game and this is because the safe areas are much smaller which makes that the chances that enemies can detect us are even greater.

 Definitely Knowing where to find monster trucks simply allows us to move to somewhat complex places that we simply cannot access otherwise and this is simply fantastic in PUBG Mobile.

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