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2020-11-05 07:25:40

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As the launch of PlayStation 5 PS5 approaches, it is necessary to know how to connect the PS VR

Is it possible to connect PS VR to PlayStation 5 PS5?

  It is important to understand that even when this console is a new generation, there is the possibility that it allows us to have the option of backward compatibility with some accessories of its predecessor PS4, however, this is a matter that usually requires an adapter to be able to use it with implements. as can be the virtual reality glasses of Soy, since in a way they are a type of viewer that works with the new console and that is why we must know how to connect the PS VR based on the features and news that may be available in order to enjoy all that PlayStation 5 PS5 can offer us.
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How to connect PS VR in PlayStation 5 PS5?

It is necessary to focus on the fact that it is vital to use an adapter only that it can be somewhat restricted and this is because Sony is specifically going to provide a unit to owners of a PS VR who can request it, which can simply be seen as an adapter USB, in such a way that it is not an artifact that we can get for sale as a remote control could be to mention an example, it is also vital to know that we can make use of the old camera of the pS4 because in reality the new console does not It usually works as a viewer, in such a way that it will not help us to control our movements, because before making any movement and knowing how to connect the PS VR it is important to know that PS5 does not have a proprietary port.

How to order the PS VR adapter in PlayStation 5 PS5?

 Before embarking on this fantastic adventure that will be to have this new console and enjoy everything that it brings, it is good to know how to connect the PS VR since we do not want to get surprises later, because in the first instance it is necessary:


  •  Have a PS VR if we are interested in continuing to play with them on the PS5.
  • Proceed to order the adapter.
  • Take a tour of the official website of said service and complete some information that is requested.
  • Next, it is necessary to share the serial number of our viewer, for which it is necessary to check the label that is attached to the switchboard or the black box where the cables go.
  • Requesting the adapter now guarantees that this package can arrive quickly at least in the middle of November in the case of Europe and Latin America, which does not represent a long time.
  • We place the adapter to give the respective use to the camera of the PS4 to our PS5 and thus play the games we have without any inconvenience.
  • It should be noted that to play with PS VR it is necessary to do so with games from its predecessor PS4.
  • In addition, it is good to know that if we play any PS4 game that has virtual reality support, it must be the original and the most modern version of PlayStation 5 PS5.

 Definitely with the arrival of PlayStation 5 PS5 the doors are opened to us to some news and considerable changes, in such a way that now that you know how to connect the PS VR you will understand that there is no option to not enjoy games from the previous console.

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