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phasmophobia allows us to have the possibility of knowing how to find ghosts, let's see.

What do we need to find a ghost?

  • Locate a building.
  • Locate a room within the building.
  • Get each person to take an E.M.F or a thermometer plus a sound sensor each.
  • Get each person to position themselves at one end of the building.

How to find ghosts in phasmophobia?

This is an interesting process that allows us to work in a group, and in this way complete a search, it is possible to get someone to locate a ghost at a certain moment, it is necessary to choose to leave the sound sensors, since they can collect noise If for any reason we cannot collect the noise from these sides, it will be necessary to choose to mobilize in some excluded areas.
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    It should be noted that speed plays a fundamental role here, which leads us to consider that sanity does not go down, because this is necessary during our hunting process. In this sense, the sound sensor ends up being a favorable and vitally useful aspect, which we cannot waste, it is necessary to consider placing the F.M.E. inside the room in order to check level 5 and thus start the second phase.

      Now that you know how to find ghosts, it's time to start this interesting search on phasmophobia, good luck.

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