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Find out How to get Bellanoir Libero Slab in Palworld in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about the Bellanoir Libero slab in Palworld?

Access to this element requires us to go through a very complex fight with the Bellanoir Libero boss, being necessary to beat him, now seeking to have more details about this and How to get Bellanoir Libero Slab in Palworld it is appropriate to consider some indications and they are presented below, let's see.

How to get Bellanoir Libero Slab in Palworld?

We are going to need to build a summoning altar to bring the boss we must face, the requirements for this are 100 stones and 20 palladium fragments, when summoning we must defeat him, which allows us to add rewards, such as life, power or robust fruit , multi-climate undershirt, core of ancient civilization and, the most coveted of all, a witch crown (Ultra).

We will get the Bellanoir Libero slab fragments in the chests that are in the dungeons with a level 40 at least, certainly the drop rate is not adequate, now if we go directly to level 45 our chances of encountering them will be greater. These fragments, the chests have different treasures, but the Bellanoir Libero slab fragments remain tied only to a couple of specific chests, it is there that we will depend on facing the boss, for this fight we must go with our best characters , we are talking about at least level 45 and with sufficient assault rifle ammunition, this weapon is key to facing high-level bosses.

Strategies to conquer the Bellanoir Libero (Ultra)

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To successfully fight against the formidable Bellanoir Libero (Ultra), it is essential to prepare thoroughly, which involves having level 50 characters in our group and in the base, a rocket launcher supplied with abundant ammunition, top-level armor and possibly some companions who help us. The boss boasts a hefty health count of 900,000, with only ten minutes to reduce it to zero. Time is of the essence, you must give everything you have against this formidable opponent.

The boss can destroy everything in our base, it is important to summon him in a secondary base, where there are no obstacles such as trees and rocks, things that can hinder our speed and agility, we have to focus aiming at the head to achieve maximum impact. However, this task poses a challenge since the boss will somersault and will do so very frequently, it is possible that in some cases he will disappear and appear passing to the left or right.

When we are about to finish the fight we will move on to the second phase. Bellanoir will unleash a freezing ice attack and heal herself. Fortunately, the healing is minimal, but it can be frustrating when fighting for life, now if we find ourselves suffering more than necessary we can make an adjustment to the damage multiplier in our world settings, to do this we go to the option change world configuration, then in custom configuration and we will go down until we find the damage multiplier, leaving us to adjust it according to our own criteria.

In conclusion, knowing How to get Bellanoir Libero Slab in Palworld is easier than you thought, you just have to apply the instructions in this guide to achieve it.

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