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We invite you to discover How to Get Ancient Technical Manual in Palworld, a new task in this incredible adventure.

What to know about the old technical manual in Palworld?

This is something important as we progress in the game, considering that as we increase our level we will find elements like this, which are obtained with ancient technology points, now to be precise in terms of How to Get Ancient Technical Manual in Palworld let's see that offers us the following content.

How to Get Ancient Technical Manual in Palworld?

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The only option to acquire ancient technology points was to defeat or capture the Alpha bosses for the first time. However, with the introduction of raids, the rare appearances of raid bosses have provided new opportunities. One such item is the Ancient Technical Manual, a valuable tool for gaining additional Ancient Technology points. To participate in raids and potentially acquire ancient technical manuals, we must build a summoning altar. This facility can be created by purchasing the appropriate recipe in the Tech Points menu, available upon reaching a player level of 33 or higher. After unlocking the Summoning Altar, we gather the necessary materials and prepare a spacious area in our Base, because this facility requires a lot of space.

To prepare the construction guidelines for the summoning altar we will require 100 stones and 20 palladium fragments. Once the summoning altar is built we will obtain the ability to start raid encounters, a crucial aspect of this game. To start a raid encounter, you need to collect at least 4x slab shards of the corresponding type by adventuring through dungeons and obtaining them as item rewards from purple chests.

Upon obtaining the four Slab Fragments, we use the Second Production Assembly Line to consolidate and fortify them into a single Slab, which serves as a catalyst for the Raid encounter when combined with the Summoning Altar. Beware, the summoning process will result in the destruction of the Summoning Altar, so it is advisable that we keep a reserve of additional materials to continually rebuild the altar for more raids.

We can conclude that knowing How to Get Ancient Technical Manual in Palworld is interesting, because we can continue progressing by obtaining this important element of the game.

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