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One of the most relevant details that we should know in Outward The Soroboreans is knowing what all hex mage skills.

What can we talk about Outward The Soroboreans?

  This is nothing more than the most recent expansion that Outward has released, where enemies, corruption, enchantments, effects, abilities play a fundamental role, and precisely about the latter is that we are going to talk to you because knowing all the abilities of Hexadecimal magician simply allows us to understand that there are 3 skills belonging to precisely 3 levels and to learn them it will only be necessary to visit Ella Lockwell.

What are all hex mage skills in Outward The Soroboreans?

  There are 3 hexadecimal mage skills and they are universal, breakthrough, and specialization.


These are the skills of level 1 are the simplest and do not require anything in particular there are 3 and these are the following:

  •  The Torment: requires 100 silver, has 10 cooldown and 10 mana because it is ideal for triggering the reaction of enemies who have been affected by Hex.
  • Nightmares: This ability allows us to get 50 percent of Max's stamina as it is ideal to reduce the burn by hitting Max Mana.
  • The Jinx: This universal ability simply has a cooldown of 5s and has a value of 8 mana and 50 silver, with the possibility of achieving a hex mismatch on the target.


 These are level 2 skills and we only find one, it is somewhat more advanced than the universal ones and it is:

  •  Bloodlust: This ability requires 500 silver, having this ability allows us to get stamina, recover at least 5 HP and we need 500 silver.

 Of specialization.

 These are level 3 skills, they are somewhat more advanced, obviously they are more powerful, here we find 4 and they are the following:

  •  The sign of blood: It is a skill perfectly used while we are inside the circle since it is possible to perform a magic one on the ground, since this ability allows the dark stone to be consumed for it, it will only be necessary to have 700 silver and 7 mana.
  • Cleaning: It offers us the possibility of reducing corruption by almost half, as this implies the possibility of having 65 years of decay and heavy bleeding, for which it will only be necessary to have 600 silver.
  • The Break: This ability has a 10 cooldown allowing the Hexes to be detonated over enemies that may be relatively close, which requires 600 silver.
  • The Revelation of Rockwell: this ability is simply strong because it has the ability to increase the damage to at least half its capacity when tired, for this you need 600 silver.

 These are all hex mage skills that we should know and apply while being in Outward The Soroboreans.

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