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Today we bring you a Cyberpunk 2077 guide where we focus on explaining details about All the gangs in Night City

What can we expect from Cyberpunk 2077?

Our task is to visit a number of locations and this implies the possibility of having weapons and vehicles, especially since we are specifically in a city that has, among many things, buildings and interesting heights, which makes it easier for us to get to know What are all the gangs in Night City? This is precisely an extremely complex and dangerous job to the point that it is highly likely to have to fight these when we have a mission.
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    What are all the gangs in Night City at Cyberpunk 2077?


     The animals.

     This is one of the gangs that we will meet in this game and will do everything possible to use some supplements of animal origin and create a dredge called the juice in order to increase speed and strength since they would trust our physical strength to improve it when They manage to detect it especially when they can see that there is some kind of technology in our body.


     The eddy.

     This is one of the gangs that we will find and face in Cyberpunk 2077, this consists of some fairly easy to identify members, since they usually wear leather and chrome suits, as well as a good amount of attached cyberwarfare, they tend to particularly attack anyone although they have more focus on members of the inquisitors. This gang is made up of:


    •  Leftover members of the Metal Warriors.
    • Chrome Legion Members
    • Members of the Iron Mines.


     Street 6.

     This is a gang that, even though it was created for some patriotic reasons, evidently this seems to have changed and have other variants that imply the possibility of pursuing some of its own objectives, since they affirm that the police force is simply not quite right, since according to this gang their task is to protect and serve the Vista del Rey community. This group is made up of some veterans of the fourth Corporate War, because as we will see knowing All the gangs in Night City will simply serve to clarify the picture for us.


     The Dragons of Steel.

     Our work to get to know all the gangs in Night City has simply put us on a great quest, as this gang specifically is often wandering the streets on motorcycles or cars, mostly concentrating on causing some inconvenience such as gang warfare with precisely those they seem to get closer to their space. This gang is called bōsōzoku which simply translates to Tribe of Speed.


     The Lizzies.

     Normally getting us with gangs in Night City seems to be normal and this one is specifically focused on protecting the chrome star Lizzy who is a member of Lizzy Wizzy and Metadwarves, as they are simply a gang obsessed with this singer in Cyberpunk 2077.


     The Tiger Claw.

     We continue our journey to know which are all the gangs in Night City and we find this gang whose work simply focuses on staying in constant war with the Steel Dragons, as they have the ability to adhere their body to use martial arts, in addition to having some Japanese weapons, because obviously this gang is simply a Japanese street gang that has chosen to claim their territory and get away from Cyberware.


     Voodoo Boys.

     This is a group of drug addicts led by Bridgette, they usually approach university students since they tend to be attracted to psychedelic products, they have managed to maintain a considerable rivalry with Los Animales, they are drug sellers on the streets of Night City, because they are simply considered a terrorist band.

    The Mox.

     This gang is usually considered protective of some working girls and prostitutes, it is a group led by Judy Álvarez in Cyberpunk 2077, they were formed after Elizabeth Lizzy passed away, as this only owned a Striptease club where she struggles to get her clients not to perform mistreatment of its employees.


    The specters.

     This is a gang that has been formed with some members who were normally wandering around the city at night, there are those who affirm that they usually wear human skin as clothing, they often have constant conflicts with the Aldecaldos group, they operate in the wastelands of Night City being led by the dog killer.


    The Valentinos.

     This gang is in charge of attracting beautiful women and if they are difficult to attract even better, since they usually simply use them to sleep with them and after some time they meet with other members in order to compare objectives, they usually do not usually hurt Physical but when they find that this woman has a partner they can simply turn violent, they do not usually fight with other gangs or a particular territory in this city.

     Now that you know what all the gangs in Night City are, just embrace waiting for the release of Cyberpunk 2077 to finally become official, because we can simply see all the action in full swing.

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