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We are still talking about Outriders and this is ideal to explain how to earn rewards in expeditions

What is the purpose of earning expedition rewards in Outriders?

While we are immersed in this game we keep in constant movement, which is good because we are allowed to work constantly in order to level up, therefore, it is necessary to focus on knowing how to earn rewards in expeditions, starting from the possibility to get hold of some objects that can fall as we gain access to higher levels.
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How to earn rewards in expeditions in Outriders?

 It is necessary that this action has some particular characteristics such as:


  •  We must beat the clock and pass the challenge levels to get rewards in expeditions.
  • It is only possible to win the reward by overcoming the expedition.
  • It is necessary to adjust the equipment as well as our construction in order to get the available rewards.
  • Having a high level of challenge level, as this allows us to access better rewards.
  • Each challenge level usually contains better rewards than the previous level.
  • During this task it is necessary to keep in mind that each expedition usually has time thresholds.
  • The thresholds are classified in Gold which allows us to get better drop rates, Silver is in the middle, while Broce has the lowest rate which is not very nice, because the chances of getting the loot are low, very low.
  • It is vital to keep in mind that the loot can only be collected at the end of the expedition or from the chest in the preparation area.
  • Successfully completing an expedition allows us to get a resource from the drop capsule, this can be spent in order to get loot that can match our highest unlocked item level.
  • There is a capsule trading interface, you just need to choose to talk to Tiago.


 This is all we know about How to earn rewards in expeditions, so we are allowed to count on the possibility of getting our hands on various resources in Outriders.

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