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With our PS5 guide you will learn more about How to fix the problem Can't connect to the Wi-Fi network.

What to know about the problem with the connection to the Wi-Fi network in PS5?

This is an error that occurs on our side, which occurs due to problems with the connection of our console with the wireless router, which may be due to different reasons, among which is interference from other devices, problems with the router, modem and even the internal hardware of our console can be the cause, the issue is that we have to look for How to solve the problem You cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network and in this guide some options will be presented that allow you to discard possible causes, let's just pay attention to see if we come up with a solution.

How to fix the problem Can't connect to Wi-Fi network in PS5?

As for our PS5 it is necessary that to solve How to solve the problem Can not connect to the Wi-Fi network we take into account the following steps:
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    • The Wi-Fi password must be correct, so we have to be sure that the problem is not because of it, at the bottom of our router it can be noticed.
    • We must completely turn off our console ensuring that it is not at rest to perform a restart.
    • If we have problems that add to the connection of other devices, we can do a restart of both the router and the modem to see if we can solve the problem. How to solve the problem Cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network.
    • It is possible that it is necessary that near our PS5 we have close to the router so that the signal has greater intensity avoiding some obstacles that may exist.
    • Use the web tool where you must choose that our PS5 cannot connect to the internet and answer a series of questions about it.
    • Changing the channel of our network to avoid interference.
    • You may have to change your DNS settings if the error occurs in this.
    • Factory resetting our router can help solve the problem, only it can be considered the last resort if none of our devices are unable to connect to Wi-Fi.
    • If we are certain that our console is the problem, then what we will do is restore it to its factory settings, but first it is ideal to make a backup copy of what we have saved in the cloud.
    • What we have obtained from the PlayStation Store can be downloaded again, as are games and applications.
    • It may be a hardware problem of our console, which will require us to have it repaired or changed by Sony, for this we can do it through their corresponding channels.

    In this way we come to the end of our PS5 guide, now you know how to solve the problem Can not connect to the Wi-Fi network, just do it, and we hope you can return to enjoy this option.

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