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If you want to know how to beat Captain Reiner in Outriders, great because you are in the right place, here we will cover everything you need.

What to know about Captain Reiner in Outriders?

It is a confrontation that we will have through the Payback secondary mission, certainly our progress will lead us to improve our weapons and skills, this is one of those parallel missions and to solve How to defeat Captain Reiner we will have the support of this guide and its content that is presented later, then let's look at the details carefully.
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How to beat Captain Reiner in Outriders?

At the beginning of the game we run into someone who is injured on the battlements, if we talk to her we will know that her squad was attacked, she will assign us a mission that we must accept, to start it we will go to the left to interact With the door, in this way we will be in the secondary mission, we will face some enemies when passing through the door, while many people are there we will notice that the difficulty will grow, once we manage to finish off the enemies we will go to the hill that is to the right and we will go up some stairs, it is important to have our weapons ready at the end when we read the interruption indication, then we discover that the bosses have an orange bar above their heads, we must use the interrupt ability to that does not reach the execution of a powerful attack, the shotguns and machine guns turn out to be the best to solve How to beat Captain Reiner, because being We are in a fast combat, once we are prepared we must pass the door to reach this confrontation.

Once the combat has started, we have a barrier in front, in which we must cover ourselves, we will eliminate 2 enemies so that the health of our opponent is reduced, once the fire ability that Reines has starts it to channel, it is necessary that we interrupt it so that it does not manage to shoot, otherwise we will only have to avoid it and move quickly waiting for the tornado of flames to dissipate, when Reiner manages to approach us he is capable of doing us great damage, then it is It is necessary that at a medium distance it is separating us, but if we have the confrontation alone, it will not work in the same way in Outriders.

Reaching what will be half of this combat, we must kill those remaining enemies and thus gain some health, then we will only have to defeat Reiner, if we work in cooperative Reiner is able to heal, also go through some different healing phases before we can defeat it, you have to constantly attack and do it while avoiding tornadoes until it drops dead, which allows you to complete the secondary mission successfully.

 It is evident that knowing how to beat Captain Reiner allows us to have more fun and progress in Outriders.

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