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The world of Ooblets just sounds so attractive that it causes you to linger, that's why it's important for you to know how to get more recipes and cook

Why is it important to get recipes and cook at OOoblets?

The truth is that this is a quite realistic world where it offers us the possibility of making recipes and preparing them ourselves, as some of them are vital to obtain resistance and strength, the good thing is that recipes can be easy to get since they are scattered For the caregiver, there is nothing strange or anything out of the ordinary, since it is only necessary to have good skills to make finished products, so the need to know how to get more recipes and cook easily is crucial.

How to get more recipes and cook at Ooblets?

In order to cook the first thing we will do is go for the recipes, we go to the city and collect the pieces that are scattered, there is no need to make any particular effort, because these recipes are not difficult since we see bright papers and it is our job take it, the truth is that it will only be necessary to take 4 penalties, then I will proceed to combine them so that the recipe is complete and thus directed to our kitchen with all the ingredients.

Now comes the cooking process, this only merits having the 4 pieces, for this it is important to open the inventory from STUFF to observe the pieces and only highlight 4 with the right mouse button, locating us in Options and there choosing Assemble to join all the pieces and that the recipe can finally be unlocked
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    With the recipe ready in our hands it is only a matter of locating the ingredients in the Grumboire, we probably have many of the ingredients that we require, so we will only deal with cooking, for this we will go to the farm kitchen, because it is important to recognize that recipes can appear random, they do not have any particular order and they are achieved as we progress in this game, because as you will realize it is not really a great job but it is necessary because several times we will choose to make recipes.

    Definitely knowing how to get more recipes and simply cooking is a fundamental factor to continue our life on the farm in Ooblets.

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