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Ghost of Tsushima: How to Craft - Tips and tricks

2020-07-22 11:11:00

Ghost of Tsushima allows us to do a number of things and that's why today we are going to explain how to create

This is a game where there are interesting activities, because we not only guide ourselves to fight, there are more things to do around here and what is necessary to know how to create, because there are some objects that when combined can make a more interesting piece and necessary, especially since it can be of great help to us in our main objective, the defeated the Mughals who have appropriately searched for the island of Tsushima and all that is within it.

  • What are the articles needed to create in Ghost of Tsushima?
  • Fabric whose use is exclusively for the manufacture of suits.
  • Metal needed to make improvements to our katana.
  • Wood needed to make some improvements to the bow.
  • Merchandise necessary to purchase some weapons, to dye clothes or simply make some improvements to weapons.

These articles are important elements and are necessary when it comes to knowing how to craft because they are specifically unique for the detail or modification that we are going to carry out since this is simply that it allows us to be better equipped when facing the Mongols in Ghost of Tsushima .

How to craft in Ghost of Tsushima?

Creating objects is a process that first asks us to be in the specific creation station according to the elements we have, since a single station does not work for everyone in Ghost of Tsushima, because each of the 4 materials affected here has its own station where we can create and make the necessary improvements.

The fabrics are a necessary implement and we can get them as we are going to carry out some missions, because sometimes we simply receive them as rewards and these can be Linen, Silk or simply leather, perfect materials to make suits, because here we have A great variety of elements that although they do not seem available can have a certain value, since elements as simple and harmless as flowers are can be very helpful, because if we want clothes, simply flowers are an excellent option.

Here we find the possibility of having some amount of supplies that we will recognize throughout our trip, and they are special since with them we can access the purchase of weapons, there is also the possibility of using hides and this with the In order to make clothes we need to give it an interesting touch, these are achieved when we manage to kill some animals.

Elements such as wood are important details to know how to craft, as they can serve to increase the strength of the bow and this means what will be necessary to identify some challenges of Shinto Shirine in order to obtain mainly wax or bamboo wood. In the meantime, we cannot leave out the metal elements, since these are indispensable for our weapons like katanas, they can become somewhat complex to obtain in towns, farms or camps but it is necessary to look for them because they allow us to make some improvements to our weapons based on the fact that it is possible to find materials such as Steel, Gold or Iron.

Finally, knowing how to craft easily makes us focus on finding the necessary implements before going to the craft station, as this is a complex but necessary task in Ghost of Tsushima.

PlayStation 4 PS4
Action-adventure, stealth
Sucker Punch Productions
Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation Store
Release date:
July 17, 2020
age rating:

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