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2019-08-21 20:15:28

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Learn to invite friends to enjoy the Multiplayer mode of No Man's Sky Beyond. More details here.

In this new installment of No Man's Sky we will show you the modifications that have been made to the multiplayer mode of the Beyond update of No Man's Sky, in addition to teaching you to invite friends to enjoy a No Man's Sky Beyond experience in Multiplayer mode. So take a look.

How to invite friends to play No Man's Sky Beyond in Multiplayer mode?

To play with your friends online, you must go to the main menu to select the option "Join the game". Once there, you will have the opportunity to enter a friend or random browser game in case you do not want to participate in your own server. Otherwise, you can load your game and enter the menu section.

When doing the above you must go to Options and click on Network and voice, in this way the multiplayer menu will appear. In this section, you can invite friends and random players who are close to you, although you also have the option to modify your settings online if you wish.

Advantages of being in the No Man's Sky Beyond Nexus

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If you are in the No Man's Sky Nexus, it means that you are in the best area to get users, so you can probably see another space explorer running. In this space station you can find up to 16 players with whom you can enjoy a game in multiplayer mode.

You also have the option to visit the bases of other players through a portal in the Nexus, so you can go to the creation of someone and explore what he has done.

Now that you know the options offered by No Man's Sky to invite friends, you can quietly enjoy a game of No Man's Sky Beyond in Multiplayer mode.

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