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Angel Marquez
2022-02-18 15:07:05

More about: No Man's Sky

Today we bring you a No Man's Sky guide where we will talk about how to find cadmium.

What to know about cadmium in No Man's Sky?

It is one of the most important chromatic materials in the game, being usable for the improvements and construction of new equipment from the beginning of our first base, now through this resource we can access others such as copper, which It is one of the important chromatic metals, to find it we must improve our ship and for this reason it is ideal to know how to find cadmium and the details will be in the following content, let's see.

How to find cadmium in No Man's Sky?

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First, we go to the space anomaly to locate the starship research merchant, who will sell us the blueprint for the cadmium unit for 20 nanites in No Man's Sky, now for its construction it requires 250 chromatic metal and 3 wiring looms, being the copper for the first and the other we buy, when we have this we will go to space to enter the map of galaxies, which are rich in cadmium due to the red orbs, so as for How to find cadmium we only locate a galaxy that is a warp distance to use our thruster, from the same space we can scan, by detecting the red deposits we can mine the cadmium, something that we will do as soon as we land the ship, a scan being ideal at that moment with our analysis viewer, the following is that we equip our soil manipulator to cultivate it.

Being resolved How to find cadmium in No Man's Sky we can manufacture important elements such as the AtlasPass V2, the Soul Engine and the Warp Core Resonator, this by refining it so that its factory potential increases considerably, it can also be used for base computers, Warp cells and resources such as platinum, nitrogen, radon and sulfur, there are also tricks that are interesting, such as the mixture with ferrite powder that helps us obtain magnetized ferrite, so for any of these, such as cadmium mixed with Chromatic metal can be obtained by refining twice as much.

Finally, now that we know how to find cadmium we can move on in No Man's Sky

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9 August 2016
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