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2019-08-19 19:18:35

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 There is no need to keep looking, because in this guide we will tell you how to solve Gek monolith puzzle in No Man's Sky.

There are many things that can be done in No Man's Sky, one of the things that leaves users the most benefits is the search for relics like monoliths, this is a structure created with stones of knowledge.

Fortunately for you to understand a little more, we have prepared this guide in which we will tell you everything you need to know to solve monolith puzzles.

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How to solve Gek monolith puzzle

How to solve Gek monolith 1 puzzle

In the first monolith you will have to explore a bit until you are caught by the silicon claw. To solve this puzzle, your answer will have to be Dar silicate. This will allow you to be rewarded by learning a new word and winning.

How to solve Gek monolith 2 puzzle

In the second puzzle you will hear a scream that will gradually become more and more acute, what you have to do to solve it is to get away, this will allow you to receive a Gek Relic and an Atlas word.

How to solve Gek monolith 3 puzzle

In the third puzzle, a peak will come out of the ancient stone, try to scream, however, you cannot hear a single sound, your answer has to be a rare rust feed peak, this will allow you to receive a Gek relic and learn two Gek words and an Atlas too.

How to solve Gek monolith 4 puzzle

In the fourth puzzle you will see a replica of you and an exosuit, screaming in an ancient language will want you to kneel. When they cut your belly with lightning, smile and respond with lightning to the brain to receive the Boltcaster plan, an increase in Gek reputation and 1000 units.

What's up No Man's Sky.

It is an open world video game generated by procedures where you will have to explore various features such as flora and fauna. The video game was developed by Hello Games and released by itself in 2016 and is available for PlayStation, Xbox One and PC users.

We hope that our guide on how to solve Gek monolith puzzle in No Man's Sky will be useful and know how to get the most out of it. We have much more content for you about this and other titles that you will surely want to take advantage of.

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