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Warframe: How to get Wyrmius mini-game

2020-05-22 14:41:42

Guide to learn how to play Wyrmius mini-game in Warframe

As it has been done in other minigames, in order to access this so-called Wyrmius you must buy the Ludoplex from Cephalon Simaris. This will cost you 50,000 standing. You'll need to purchase the Simaris Wyrmius minigame for 25,000 feet.

If you own Wyrm or Wyrm Prime Sentinels, you can play the game by going to the "Appearance" option on the loading screen and clicking on the load for W.

To win the already controlled Cephalon Simaris these and can manage to complete the daily challenges that the game provides you. You have to visit these Cephalon in any broadcast, and he will give you a synthesis target to track and scan, the good thing about this is that you can gain passion for completing these quests.

So how to play Wyrmius mini-game in Warframe?

Very simple, once you purchase the Cephalon Simaris Ludoplex, you need to place it in the Orbiter as decoration. Open its main menu, then go to Equipment, Orbiter, and choose the option to decorate the Orbiter.

You should review the device options and select Wyrmius from the options.

With that Find the Ludoplex and then place it wherever you want in your Orbiter.

The gameplay of this new "option" is that Wyrmius starts out as a side-scrolling bullet shooter. You control Wyrm and you must destroy waves of enemies that will appear to you.

Some of them will drop special powers that will alter your weapon in various ways. You have three lives, and when you lose all the game is over.

Mini games can be entertaining when they can already play the original mode so learning How to Play
Wyrmius mini-game in Warframe is not a crazy idea after all. Have fun!

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Action role-playing
Digital Extremes
Digital Extremes
Release date:
March 25, 2013

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