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We are back with a guide from Valorant, where we aim to explain how to play on Android and iOS phones.

What should we know about Valorant?

 A game developed by Riot Games, which is currently in closed beta, we will find great competition in this first-person shooter, we have that it is genre FPS and we will have it available in its entirety when it is released sometime in Summer 2020, now the question to solve in this guide, is directly How to play on Android and iOS phones, for this we will take into account the content that will come right now.

How to play on Android and iOS Valorant phones?

 It has been said that the launch is only for the PC, it is the only thing that is known about it, there is no information that indicates its release on mobile and iOS, but it is also possible that because the announcement is early, the migration to other platforms may become a future option, certainly it is remarkable the different Riot Games titles that we can already have on our mobiles, among them are Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics, the great place in the world of these mobiles can serve of impulse so that Valorant will have it soon on mobiles, only for the moment it is not.
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    We find a gameplay in this FPS game, very similar to CSÇ: GO, due to the game system in which 2 teams of 5 players are in a match that achieves the best results in a total of certain rounds, skills that we will see in the game characters are of great variety, during each round each of the teams has a capital that allows them to make some purchases, thus ending the scope of them, well, it would be innovative to have such competition on our mobiles, but We will have to settle for having it up to now on the PC, we may know many more with the upcoming release of this incredible game, we will see how the different situations unfold once the final version is released.

     In conclusion, knowing how to play on Android and iOS phones leaves us with the possibilities open, since only Valorant is available for PC, meaning that you have to be patient, if in the near future this changes we will be here pending what will be presented about it and we will update the details.

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