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Resident Evil 3 Remake: How to Fix Lag on PC

2020-04-07 22:48:09

We have decided to make you a Resident Evil 3 Remake guide where we will be happy to explain how to fix the Lag  on the PC

How to fix PC lag in Resident Evil 3 Remake?

  It has been evident the problems caused to be able to play Resident Evil 3 Remake on PC because among the many problems with which we could get ourselves are the FPS (frames per second), but that is possible to solve and here we will present some proven alternatives.

Run the temporary file cleanup on the PC.

  One of the activities that we have tried to get to know about how to fix the Lag  in the PC is cleaning it, since it usually tends to fill with certain files that are not really good for anything but take up a large amount of space, for which it is possible to use it to Ccleaner, and then proceed to check that all these junk files are definitely no longer in the way, to check it it is possible to do it in the following way.

To remove some files that have not been deleted we will press Win R to open the execution box -> type "prefetch" ->

 To delete some files that may not have been deleted but that simply won't hinder our game, press Win R -> type "por cientotemppor Cent" ->

 Do some cleaning on the disk.

 Normally the disk is usually filled with garbage and this can considerably affect when running Resident Evil 3 Remake, therefore it is necessary to carry out some cleaning, it really is a very simple task and it only requires:

 Go to Windows and search for Disk Cleanup, then we will open the program and indicate only the categories of files that may be available, then proceed to press OK and that's it.

 Increased energy use to play Resident Evil 3 Remake

 The problems raised to play on PC lead us to the need to know how to fix the Lag  on the PC, since it is possible to place our CPU with the ability to use as much performance as possible, for this we will have to go to the Panel of Windows control and place it in High Performance, as this is viable when we consider that we may not necessarily be able to use BHP (horsepower).

Run some configuration on the CPU.

 Definitely playing Resident Evil 3 Remake will lead us to look for all the possible options when it comes to knowing how to fix the Lag  in the PC, for this we can take some interesting actions such as closing some other program so that it simply does not disturb us.

 Get the way to make the game a priority in our task manager and this implies that we will have to:

Run Resident Evil 3 Remake, and then proceed to open the task manager using CTRL Shift ESC.

Change the view in More details we may have to use the More details link and we can place it in the corner below.

Next we proceed to change the Details tab and finally right click on Resident Evil 3 Remake.exe that appears in the list -> "Set priority" -> "High".

Turn off the C states in the PC Bios.

 It is possible not to have to resort to turning off all the C states, since these are simply the mechanisms required by the motherboard to make use of energy saving, it is possible to get the deactivated C states to work perfectly with the high power mode performance but this is a strategy that may well be one more option is not the most recommended especially if we really do not have much knowledge in the field.

The need to optimize Nvidia's settings to play Resident Evil 3 Remake.

 To know how to fix the Lag  in the PC it is necessary first of all to be very clear that the Nvidia graphics card must be updated, since it is necessary to update the drivers, and after that if it is possible to make some adjustments that may be viable, since we need to enter the Nvidia 3D configuration and it is only accessed from the control panel

 To configure it is necessary to open the Nvidia Control Panel and this is done by pressing the right mouse button on the desktop when selecting the menu, then we will have to click on Manage 3D Settings.

 This change in the configuration can be made for certain selected programs and you can choose to do it for all the programs and games, so from there we proceed to select Global configuration or Program configuration, it is precisely there where we will search for Resident Evil 3 Remake in our list, remember that the settings Global can usually bring about a number of changes to games and programs.

  • The adjustments we can achieve are:
  •  A setting of the preferred refresh rate to Highest available.
  • Setting the wire optimization to ON.
  • The maximum pre-processed frame setting to 1.
  • Setting vertical sync to OFF.
  • Power setting to Prefer maximum Performance.
  • We will press and with it we can apply it, with it we can finally close this control panel.

How can I update my video card drivers?

 Knowing how to fix the Lag  on the PC brings us a series of modifications that we can make, but at this point we focus on describing how the video card can be updated, and this is not as complicated as it might sound as we will only have to.

  • Press Windows R
  • Write "DxDiag" and click OK.
  • Wait for the DirectX Diagnostic tool to load and select the Display tab.

Then we will observe the name and manufacturer of said card, as well as the driver version in its respective section.

Then it is necessary to go directly to the manufacturer's page and contact it, as it can provide us with all the help we need in relation to updating the driver.

 We hope that finally all these recommendations can help you and you already have a notion on How to fix the Lag  on the PC, because Resident Evil 3 Remake definitely comes to entertain us for a long time.

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