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Today we made a The Elder Scrolls Online guide for you to explain how to Scry antiques.

Why Scry antiques in The Elder Scrolls Online?

The antiques have an activity and a writing line, which can be unlocked and observed in the tab at the top of our diary after having carried out some missions, because for this there is a need to get some clues that may be quite close to the dungeons, while we do some antique digging or just close to the bosses or chests, the interesting thing about How to Scry Antiques is that after unlocking it will be necessary to access Escrible and go to Scryable and locate the list with the necessary clues that we need to get.

Normally within the tracks we are shown specifically marked ones, it is precisely that to which we will go in the first instance, so we will focus specifically on the search for the track that we want to unearth starting with the green one, because they are the simplest and know How to Scry antiques we will only touch the Scry shortcut that is at the bottom on the right side of our screen, finally allowing us to access the mini-game called Scrying, counting that these green tracks are easy since they are not blocked.
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    How to Scry antiques in The Elder Scrolls Online?

    The activities are kept in constant movement and we cannot stay stagnant, as it is normal to focus on the excavations, the idea is to get the grids to be connected together with other grids, counting on the fact that they normally have 6 points that shine and They usually activate the adjacent icons between each other, the epicenter of all this is to make all the points that generate light connect, since missing one, the scry does not fail but it puts us in the task of having to look for other sites to be able to continue locating the real object, because it is necessary to connect them all in The Elder Scrolls Online.

    The bright points are usually connected to each other before finishing any type of movement, it will only be necessary to climb the ladder to the 6 luminous points so that they can be a bigger challenge, thus achieving the possibility of unlocking some levels and this can be achieved fairly well with the green cables, because normally everything is made up of a certain amount of tracks and very interesting objects.

    What are the clues to Scry antiques in The Elder Scrolls Online?

    Knowing how to Scry antiquities leads us to look for some clues that could lead us to some loot or simply to some objects, only to achieve this it is necessary to specifically focus on two skills and these are:

    • Coalescence ability: this allows us to convert the grids into the icon of the central grid as it usually joins the hexagonal group of grids.
    • Expansion Skill: In this skill it is worth noting that the icons match, achieving that the Farsight allowing us to claim the line of icons that touch the control area, since it usually claims all the icons.

    The proper location of the excavation allows us to keep things less relevant since the idea is to connect the dots in The Elder Scrolls Online, and to get to know how to Scry antiquities simply usually connects the grid of bright dots in an easy way.

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