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Our journey through Stranded Deep still stands and now we are going to explain how to craft a Barge, let's see.

Why is it necessary to built a raft in Stranded Deep?

  While we are in this game we must maintain all the possibilities of survival as much as possible, this precisely because there is a need to have to cross some islands, and obviously swimming is not an option, due to the distance we will have to cover.

You know how to create a raft simply allows us to mobilize and becomes our best alternative, because we combine speed with versatility, especially it is interesting to do it because we are quite alone on an island that seems to be deserted and we cannot stay stranded there, ideally mobilize and make it possible to go as far as possible.
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    How to Craft A Barge in Stranded Deep?

    To create a raft it is important to go to the craft menu, because there we get important information about how to build this transport, since there are some specific resources that help us, there we will see that it is possible to take tires, barrels, wood, among others, when We have our raft and it is that to make our raft we will not really need much, because it is necessary to create three things in the first place, a floor, some propulsion system because it alone will not walk and a base, already with it We got a great advance, the rest is practically pure decoration.

    In the handicrafts menu we get some things that we can incorporate into our raft, for this it is ideal to mobilize the floors subsection where we can get 5 different options that can indicate how not doing well could affect us, the floors and the The stability of the raft, the most ideal is to do it with wooden floors or planks, although corrugated clay can be a pretty good option since it is ideal to stand on a strong and firm floor.

    Propulsion is a fundamental aspect to take into account, and here we are presented with two types, one is the boat engine that is much faster and a little more complicated to manufacture, it also requires fuel, the sail on the other hand is quiet and does not need fuel, so possibly the second option is the best, the rest of the details are at our discretion, just worry that it has an excellent use to transport us and transport items.

     These are all you need to know about How to Craft A Barge, as this is an excellent means of transport in Stranded Deep, make it and use it to travel around the islands.

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