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Sakura Wars: Switching characters - Guide

2020-04-28 10:37:05

Our guide today takes us to teach you how to Switch characters while in Sakura Wars.

  Changing characters is an excellent option while we keep playing Sakura Wars, as this is a combat game where changes are open, since it is essential to find the character that can best adapt to the situation.
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How to Switch characters in Sakura Wars?

 First of all it is good to be clear enough that when we make an exchange of a character, this usually takes the health and spirit that it had before being exchanged, it is not possible to zoom in on the map to change the character, because remember that we are fighting demons with one or more companions, but when we exchange we will simply have access to the movements and equipment while we are exchanged, when it ends we will be able to return to the original character, and to achieve this change it is only necessary to press the L1 button.

 When can I Switch characters in Sakura Wars?

 Executing the character change is quite good when we are dealing with a character that can make use of ranged weapons, since we can make some special attacks with these character exchanges, especially based on the fact that each character has its spirit meter, which is why Carrying out several attacks is simply valid, especially if the one we are dealing with is a flying enemy.

 In this sense, knowing how to Switch characters allows us to defend ourselves in a much more comfortable way since we can exchange attacks in Sakura Wars, try it because it is simply fantastic.

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