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PS4 Tips: How to make fans make less noise

2019-12-17 12:13:58

Why is my PS4 so loud.

This question is more common among users, the problem arises mostly among users who still have their original launch models, an airplane turbine would be silent against these models considering that they have been in operation for three years. So if you wonder How to make fans make less noise, you should know that the best solution is to do some maintenance.

How to make fans make less noise in my PS4.

ALERT! Before telling you how to make the fans make less noise, you should keep in mind that if your PS4 is still under warranty, this will void the warranty.

Next we will detail a method to do maintenance to your console so that it returns to work even better the first time you turned it on.

How to make fans make less noise in my PS4 - Maintenance.

The first thing you have to do is open your console. For this you will have to remove the seals that are on the back of the console, these seals cover the screws that you will have to remove to open the console. ALERT, remember that removing the seals and screws will void the warranty of your console, so if you want to keep it do not go ahead.

To remove the screws you will need a T8 or T9 screwdriver, in total there are 3 screws that are in the lower back of the console, unscrew and remove the lower half of the console by carefully pulling the rest of the unit. REMEMBER TO KEEP THE SCREWS YOU REMOVE VERY WELL.

Computers, radios, game consoles and other devices are devices that retain a lot of dust, especially when they have fans, so naturally your console will probably be full of dust.

For the cleaning of the internal dust we recommend using a mouthpiece or a cloth to cover the nose and mouth, keep in mind that this is a very fine powder that can easily cause allergy. You can use a brush or a small brush, regardless of the tool you use, make sure it is completely dry.

Most of the problem comes from the dust that is accumulated in the fan, so if at the time of playing the fan your console makes a lot of noise you will have to concentrate the cleaning efforts in this area.

The problem when using a brush or brush is that with this we simply sweep the dust, so the fan dust can end up in another space inside the console so you are going to use this method try to do it carefully to be able to dust without to water. You can also use an air compressor to blow the dust, but for no reason blow the disk drive.

After cleaning simply let the console stand for 15 to 30 minutes, try nothing, just let it stand.

After the time, take the plastic cover that we removed at the beginning and put it in place to screw and the work is finished.

Or at least this part, because there are some recommendations that you should keep in mind.

How to make fans make less noise in my PS4 - Care of the console.

Here are some tips for your console to absorb as little dust as possible:

Invest in the Foamy Lizard PlayStation 4 dust cover, this will protect it from dust, liquids, UV rays and more. Place it when your console is not in use and remove it when you are going to use it.

We also recommend investing in a dust prevention kit, specifically in the Aweek dust protection mesh plug package kits to prevent your console from vacuuming dust.

"Thus ends our guide on how to make the fans make less noise in my PS4, we hope it has been very useful for you and that you manage to keep your console in the best possible conditions so that in this way your console delivers the best of itself Without so much effort.

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