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Creatures are the key element in Pokémon Go and that is why we are going to tell you how to beat Metang.

Who is Metang at Pokémon Go?

 This is a formidable creature with which we get in this game, it is usually quite strong and to get it is necessary to get involved in the incursion of three stars, this can be done independently, allowing us to achieve the capture of this creature as the objective, in this sense, knowing how to beat Metang leads us to be at coach level 35, we must also consider having a team that is favorable to counteract him.

What are Mutang's weaknesses and abilities in Pokémon Go?

 Before knowing how to beat Metang it is usually necessary to focus on the weaknesses as well as the skills that it presents, because with this we will get the advantage and these are:


  • Dark type movements.
  • Fire-type moves.
  • Earth-type movements.


  •  Fairy-type movement resistance.
  • Resistance to ice-type movements.
  • Resistance to Dragon-type movements.
  • Boil-type movement resistance.
  • Poison-type movement resistance.
  • Resistance to steel-type movements.
  • Resistance to rock-type movements.
  • Resistance to movements of a psychic type.

How to beat Metang in Pokémon Go?

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    We must manage to form a team of 6 Pokemon in order to complete the raid and in this way defeat Mutang for this we can detail the following:

     Chandure: because it is a ghost and fire type creature, it is convenient to use it because precisely Mutang is weak to fire, but it does not stop there because it has the ability to deliver phantom attacks that usually damage it, for which we can choose to get attack him with a shadow ball in addition to flames.

     Houndoom: it is another option that we can apply to defeat it, since it is a fire-type creature, it is also dark and this makes it vital to win, it usually mixes its movements and thus counteract the attacks that the Mutang, Houndoom's flamethrower can cause it's phenomenal, and we may as well use it against this creature to defeat it.

     Heatran: this is a legendary creature, and it may well be favorable to defeat him, it has vital favorable movements to use in combat, especially it is crucial against Mutang because there is the possibility of using the Fire Spin, in addition to the iron head that actually tend to cause considerable damage and thus achieve the desired objective.

     Here is a list of the ideal Pokémon to beat Mutnag, and they are:
    •  Bisharp.
    • Darkai.
    • Darmanitan.
    • Entei.
    • Flareon.
    • Garchomp.
    • Mega Charizard X or Y.
    • Moltres.
    • Rhyperior.
    • Reshiram.
    • Tyranitar
    • Tylphosion
    • Weavile

     In this sense, knowing how to beat Metang makes us use a well-rounded team in Pokémon Go, try it.

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