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Minecraft: where to find diamonds

2019-10-29 09:30:19

In this new opportunity the content of this guide will help us know where to find diamonds in Minecraft.

In Minecraft many things can be created, but starting from diamonds we can make many creations, so it is good that we know where to find diamonds, equipping ourselves with these creations that can be generated will be of great value for development in our game, there are many ways of use that these diamonds can have, if we want to know much more it is good that we pay attention to the details that are given below.

Why should we find diamonds in Minecraft?

We can use diamonds to create many things, among which are the tools and armor, with this objects can reach an enormous level of durability, even a table of charms we will be able to create from diamonds, there are ways to create The diamonds, when using the same minerals or using a diamond block, 9 diamonds can be obtained thanks to the block in the manufacturing grid.

Where to find diamonds in Minecraft?

One of the ways to obtain diamonds is through excavation, it is not easy to find them but the advantages they bring us are very important, with these we will create weapons and armor of great duration, below the layer 16 is the level of Minecraft diamond, being the most suitable between 5-12 layers, and by layers 4-10 it will be risky because of the possible lava that is between these layers, with the seeds of the game you get diamonds quickly and so we can avoid using this method that has a lot to process.

If we do not want to use the excavation, we have a list of loot chests that gives us the possibility to find diamonds in a different way:

- End of city chests

- Fortress bunkers

- Desert Temple Chests

- Jungle Temple Chests

- Fortress chests

- Town chests

- Shipwreck Treasure

- buried treasure

- Mine wells

What can we create by finding diamonds in Minecraft?

It is possible with a diamond anvil to make repairs to the objects created from the same diamonds, if we want durable items such as tools and armor, working with diamonds is the best strategy, what items we can create with these diamonds is a question, For this we will have the following list.

- Hoe

- boot

- Helmet

- Sword

- ax

- Enchantment table

- Peak

- Leggings

- Overalls

How to find diamonds by extracting their ore in Minecraft?

Only with a peak of iron or diamond will be the only way to extract a single diamond, if we use other tools we will not achieve anything, with an enchantment on the peak we could obtain an additional diamond, Fortune will be the ideal charm to do it, now if we want a mineral block we will love the peak with Silk Touch, if we do not have a peak, it is also possible to obtain a diamond if we melt its mineral in an oven.

In conclusion, this guide talked about many ways to find diamonds in Minecraft, which is why we hope that what was explained here is very useful and that the objective is fulfilled when applying what has been learned.

Windows, macOS, Linux
Sandbox, survival
Mojang, Microsoft Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date:
18 November 2011

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