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Today we bring you a guide on Magic Legends where we are going to explain how to play with friends.

What does Magic Legends bring us?

This is only a beta, however it is already giving something to talk about, because on the one hand because it is a free action game, on the other hand because we embark on a task of rescuing the multiverse, we get various attacks where the devastating lava and some Stones are an important part, in this sense, knowing how to play with friends is a task that is in suspense and to give you details we are here.

How to play with friends in Magic Legends?

This is an action that requires reaching Benalia to be able to access to join specific people, which implies having completed the Tazeem missions, but this does not stop here because in the same way we must focus on performing other missions in Shiv, which simply implies to occupy ourselves with playing for a while.
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    Now, once we manage to meet these requirements, we are offered the possibility of receiving a mission called "Rise of the Cabal", since from here we are offered the possibility of inviting friends, for which it is necessary:

    • Press "Escape" on the keyboard.
    • Then choose to click on "Invite to the party", this usually occurs on the left side of our screen.
    • Once we receive the mission and reach the search point, we will form our group, because in a way most of it hurts to be alone and focuses on the village of Seven Sisters.

    In this sense, playing with friends leads us to consider:

    • That some areas of this game do not usually support cooperative play.
    • Have the possibility of obtaining additional points of clarification.
    • When we look at the map, and we cannot see a green circle, we will not be with the members of our group until the location can change.
    • When we are in areas where it is possible to play with friends it is necessary to return to the Sanctum, since it usually works as a type of player center.

    Generally speaking, knowing how to play with friends allows us to work as good as possible at Magic Legends.

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