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For this guide we have prepared everything you need to know about how to build a reinforced chest in Valheim, so let's get started!

What is a reinforced chest in Valheim?

It is an element that will allow you to store items when you run out of space in your conventional chests, since they have 24 storage spaces.

How to build a reinforced chest in Valheim?

In order to build one of these chests you will need the following ingredients:

2x Iron that can be obtained from scrap metal in the Foundry using coal as fuel.
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    To get a foundry you will need 5 Surtling cores and 20 stones> then you will have to select the hammer> press F to switch to the crafting tab> choose the foundry and place it next to the workbench and that's it.

    10x Fine wood that you can obtain by felling birch and oak trees with a bronze ax, which you can build with 4 pieces of wood, 8 of bronze and 2 of in the Forge.

    To do all this you will have to have finished with the first Eikthyr boss and unlocked mining.

    Now that you know how to build a reinforced chest in Valheim, we hope you can store your items more efficiently by having much more space.

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