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We welcome you to our Magic Legends guide where we will talk about How to Customizate character Appearance.

What is character appearance customization in Magic Legends all about?

There are a series of classes and many spells to customize our character, when we start in the game we will have the creation and customization of this, at the beginning we will have the 5 initial classes such as Geomancer, Beastcaller, Sanctifier, Mind Mage and Necromancer, apart from these we can access by buying an additional one called Dimir Assassin, after having made this choice is when we will go on to customizing the physical appearance and naming, now to understand how to Customizate character Appearance We will see the content of this guide and from now on it can be viewed.
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    How to Customizate character Appearance in Magic Legends?

    It is necessary to walk through the physical appearance menu to find some options, such as body, face, skin and hair, so it is ideal that we see How to customize the appearance of the characters in each of these options, let's see the following details :


    •  The body: we are presented with 6 options in this customization, being divided into 3 for the female body and 3 for the male body, there are thin, skinny and voluminous bodies with different heights, in itself it is something that determines the general presence of our character.
    • The face: there are a total of 9 different ones to choose from, which consists of the representation of human phenotypes, here we choose the right one for our character, if they all come to adapt easily.
    • The skin: there are 8 different skin tones to apply them, making it look as we see fit.
    • Hair: here we find a very complete option for the diversity of hairstyles, starting even from a head without hair to interesting looks, in itself it is an option with many possibilities, which includes the option to choose the color from among 24 available.
    • Facial hair: this option is accessible in Magic Legends if we have chosen between male bodies, if our choice is female it is not possible to enter it, here are a set of options, such as none, complete and robust, goatee, professor, burned with spikes and full mustache, after we have solved how to customize the appearance of the characters, we will go to the option of assigning the name, then we are ready to enter the game, certainly we must highlight the options that are presented by middle of the tailor, managing to make some additional changes to the appearance of our character, even in the store we can change the name.

     In conclusion, knowing how to customize the appearance of the characters is excellent, because we can advance in this interesting Magic Legends.

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