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We welcome you to our Monster Hunter Rise guide, where we will talk about How to beat Bishaten.

Who is Bishaten in Monster Hunter Rise?

It is one of the new monsters added in the game, which has allusion to a creature called Tengu from Japan, we found it in the flooded forest, now to have an idea of how to beat Bishaten we must consider the following details to achieve it, let's see.
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How to beat Bishaten in Monster Hunter Rise?

The attacks of this opponent are explosive and poisonous, which are called persimmons, it is necessary that we dodge them to avoid normal damage or the status effect, this can grab us to hit us against the ground, thus creating a great flash, but it can be easily avoided, it is also capable of using its tail to attack, causing great damage with it, even the loaded tail spin turns out to be another of its powerful attacks, to avoid it you always have to be attentive to what it does, achieving this when he comes towards us, just by standing on his tail he can visualize everything around him as he gets ready to do jumps towards us, so we must be prepared.

  It is evident that knowing how to beat Bishaten allows us to have more fun and progress while playing Monster Hunter Rise.

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