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Angel Marquez
2021-03-25 14:40:23

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We invite you to discover How to Fast Travel, a new task at Magic Legends.

What to know about Magic Legends?

It is an action role-playing game, where explorations will play an important role, but sometimes we can come to depend on the fast travel system, this with the purpose of accessing certain places more easily, only that for this we must understand How to travel fast and it is what will be explained from now on in the content of this guide, let's see.
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How to fast travel in Magic Legends?

We have the fast travel point indicated by a circle that looks like a marble on the ground, the game's exploration map being so wide it is certain that we will need this system, once we approach these fast travel points, these begin to shine, being like that until we decide to continue to explore, the normal system only requires completing the tutorial to unlock it, once we meet Nissa we can reach the first mission area, which allows us to unlock another function such as that of create a group and invite our friends, when we have unlocked the fast travel system, we just have to open the map and choose the fast travel point we want to get to, then we will be teleported to this place, while we are choosing the yellow ones Otherwise, the trip will not be possible.

 In this way we reach the end of our Magic Legends guide, now you know how to travel fast, just do it and enjoy it to the fullest.

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Action, role-playing RPG
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