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We continue to solve your doubts about Kill It With Fire and today we will tell you how to complete the mission by returning tools to dash.

What is the objective of Organizing tools in the third level of Kill It With Fire.

It is just one of the several objectives that you have to complete in the game, this specifically you will find it in the third level of the game.
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    How to complete the mission by returning tools to dash in Kill It With Fire.

    Here you will start in the kitchen of the house to advance a couple of objectives and go through the laundry room before venturing into the garage, where you will find a car and two objectives that you can pick up and add to the clipboard.

    For the first objective you will have to "take care" of the barrels and it is in the other that you will have to organize the tools on the work table.

    The first thing you DO NOT HAVE to blow up the explosive barrels or you will complicate things further. Instead you'll have to save it for when you've completed the tools goal.

    For the dash, you will find all the tools on the garage floor, the shelves and in the toolbox.

    We recommend you pick up and check everything that looks like a tool, you will know that you have a tool because you will see its place highlighted. If you want to add more you have to walk to its position on the board and press the left mouse button or the E key to place it.

    Remember that there are 15 tools in total, once all the tools are placed the objective will be completed.

     That's all you have to know about how to complete the mission by returning tools to dash in Kill It With Fire, we hope our article has been as useful as possible and that you have managed to get the most out of it, don't forget that we have much more on it game that can be useful in our previous guides.

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