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How to Find a Village On Foot and in Minecraft Creative Mode

2020-02-14 08:17:47

The challenges we find in Minecraft bring us to this explanatory guide to find out how to find a village in a creative way in a concrete way.

  In the different biomes that we will find in Minecraft, we will have the possibility of accessing the villages that appear in these, in addition, many things of great interest to us, villagers will appear in these, fulfilling functions such as fishing, agriculture and the creation of armor, it is ideal to live in the vicinity of these villages, so we have the interest of knowing how to find a village standing in creative mode, which will bring us to the following content that refers to the guidelines to follow in this regard.

What are the biomes where there are villages in Minecraft?


 In the biomes that we will name we can find villages and these are the following:


  • Taiga
  • Tundra
  • Savanna
  • Snowy
  • Plains


 To have the coordinates of the town that is closer to our location, we will have a command from the game console, which is possible to operate in Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition and Education Edition, we will open the command and we have to write "/ locate town", then in the window we will be shown the coordinates, with the chat command and the coordinates it is possible that we will teleport to the pricey location of the village, if we want to understand how to find a standing village in mode creative let's move on.


 How to find a standing village in creative mode in Minecraft?


 As long as the towns appear in the biomes we play, it will be easy for us to find them, going out on foot to look for is an open possibility, being the normal way to do it, or flying in the creative way to make it much faster, so that we can do it to foot, we have to first start with a seed which will put us near a village at the beginning, these seeds represent codes that we can enter before a world of Minecraft is generated, where we will have control, now if we use the same seed for second occasion, we will generate the same type of world twice, so if we become one that is very pleasing to us, we can generate the same code to continue with this.


 On the internet we can access the seeds, we will look for one of our interest to use it, where we will create a new world that will allow us to stay close to the villages, it is important that we have the option that says Great Biomes at the time of creating our new world, then for the villages additional space will appear, another option to consider that has to be marked is to generate structures, otherwise we will not be able to see any village or building, which will lead us to before the creation of a world let's review our options.

When we are in our new world, it is ideal to check the biomes that we mentioned above, being the only places where we will find villages in the game, because these are flat, with grass and it will be simple for them to appear, but that will not be a guarantee of success that we find villages, these have to be created randomly, so luck will be an important factor, in the end we will get one of the villages, we will notice this when we see the small buildings and the tall and tanned humanoids that will be there, which will give us the discovery of one of these villages and know in this way how to find a village standing in creative mode in Minecraft.


Creative mode


 We will have the last details as to how to find a village standing in creative mode, so that it is faster and more direct the option presented to us with the creative mode, instead of doing it on foot it will be in the air, looking at our world created around, in addition, it will facilitate the good view to notice those hidden villages, as for the exploration we can say that this will be the perfect option, while we do not have to trade and interact with the villagers, we will notice everything from the heights without needing to be running for many things, so with this we have the solution to our goal.

 In this way we conclude that knowing how to find a standing village in creative mode is easier now that we have this Minecraft guide, having with this an important performance in our game.

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