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We welcome you to our Ghost Recon Breakpoint guide where we will talk about how to customize your teammates.

What to know about customizating your teammates in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

This is something possible with the arrival of the 4.0.0 update that can be done in different ways, going through the choice of quantity to take with us, the style and even the equipment that they will carry, now for this it is opportune to know how to customize to your teammates and here in this guide are the details below.

How to customize your teammates in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

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The number of teammates: apart from the options we have to activate and deactivate them, one more option has been added which puts us in the lower right corner on the lobby screen to detail teammates, activating all 3 and the button that indicates that will deactivate them, but the icon that appears on the companions on this screen when enabling them we pass over their name so that it is deactivated with a single button, it can be done specifically for the one that we do not want and we can play with those who are enabled.

The style: by passing the mouse over one of the companions that we will take with us, we can press the customize option, which puts us in a personalization screen, choosing the part of the team that we want to change, the appearance, their clothes and even the color of the same, according to our criteria, after finishing we continue with the game and the modifications applied to the companions.

The equipment: when hovering the mouse over the weapon in the lower right corner of the customization screen, we can notice a series of options to change the weapons for others, this can carry any of them, then at our discretion we will give you the weapons that we consider appropriate for our benefit in the game.


It is clear that knowing how to customize your teammates allows us to have more fun in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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