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The action in Genshin Impact does not stop, so we are going to explain how to open minacious isle locked chest.

What to know about Genshin Impact?

We find the second act of the event in progress, where many islands are presented that come out of the depths, which will put us before many mysteries and new things to solve among them, we have the need to know how to open the closed chest of the island Minacious and to help us we have the content of this guide, let's see it.

How to open minacious isle locked chest in Genshin Impact?

Throughout the archipelago of the golden apple regarding How to open the closed chest of Minacious island we will come to find some challenges and puzzles, among them the lost totem of Pyro on this island, we will discover when we reach the coast of the island that there are few resources, which indicates the emptiness of this place, but in the whole center there is a chest apart from the scattered totems, it is important to use a Pyro character to light the totems and thus be able to solve the puzzle in Genshin Impact , the right character can be Amber, because from a distance she will be able to turn them on, the chest will be closed and we have to focus on a fourth totem.
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    When we review the area we will come to find a whirlpool in Genshin Impact, which will be surrounded by water bubbles, through this swimming or sliding we will be transported to a cave, here we will know from Paimon that we will not go out where we arrived, it that leads us to look for another way out, while we continue then we have to defeat the Hidrolago, we will notice a stone table that has a writing, indicating that this observation point is ideal for investigations, when we continue we arrive at a stone wall that is can climb, which will take us with a closed door and a pressure plate, we also find another stone plate that says this time that the margin of error of the observation is very large, but there is another observation point, so what we will do is to follow this puzzle, by stepping on the pressure plate we can open the door, which puts us in something similar to an alley, there are some rocks that can be broken, and we can access another plate pressure, only it seems to do nothing, we also find another stone table that says this time that at approximately 1 AM there is a suitable window of time.

    So what we will do in terms of How to open the closed chest of the Minacious island is to manipulate the game time to be able to complete this puzzle, the setting must be at 1 AM, then we activate the pressure plate, which will show us an exit On the ceiling, reaching the starting point, where the water will enter the room and fill up, when we stop climbing we have the visual of the fourth Pyro totem, we turn it on, and we will have completed the puzzle, we can go out and access the chest.

    In this way we finish our Genshin Impact guide, now you know how to open minacious isle locked chest, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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