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The adventures continue in Genshin Impact and that is why we explain how to get locked chest code

Why get the code for the locked chest in Genshin Impact?

This code simply offers us the opportunity to open the treasure chest, which allows access to reach a reward, as this is not an action that can be explained in the game, it is necessary to guide us and that is precisely what we are here for and this is usually be given while we are in the section "Those who hear the sea."

How to get locked chest code in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary to understand that this code is related to the Shell that usually resonates on the Island of the Twins, which makes it necessary to move around and to understand how it usually works, in this sense, it is necessary to know the code and it is "5214", in this sense , It is vital to approach the respective chest that usually contains "Family Relics", it is not possible to destroy it, just unlock it and for this it will only be enough to have the clue that is nothing more than when Paimon says "It seems that our only chance are those shells that they store sounds, listen to the sounds inside the shells again and hope they can give us clues about the code ”.
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    Now, the track that we require makes us have to go to "Event View" where it will be necessary to choose "Echo Tales" and from there, proceed to click on "Retrospection of shells, then we must check the song bubble in a far away place where you usually see an analyst that we present below:

    • [Five] The mountains hide the small village
    • [Two] Paths through the Lonely Forest
    • [One] River flowing through the center
    • Four] The winds bring the sound of joy
    • The Song Clan, Scattered.
    • This is the clue. 5214. Smart, right?

    Once we have managed to obtain the code of the closed chest, we are allowed to have the following rewards:

    • 350 Adventurer XP
    • 40 First Gems
    • 20,000 arrears.

    Now that you know how to get locked chest code, you may be given the opportunity to carry out this search and in this way continue in Genshin Impact.

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