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Fortnite starter pack unlock Laguna skin pack

2019-03-14 14:29:46

Guide to the new Fortnite Laguna skin pack.

The Fortnite startup package has been leaked. This new package of cosmetics that will surely make many players take out of their wallets to take it and enjoy its benefits, including the skin of Laguna and something similar to a ukulele.

The initial packages of Fortnite, usually sold for an approximate price of $ 4.99, so surely this new initial package has the same price or if not, a price close to this. So, if you're willing to pay for it, you can enjoy interesting cosmetics and lots of V-Bucks.

Fortnite - Season 8 - Battle Pass Overview

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But in more detail the package will have:

The Laguna Outfit, which is a mix between the old and the contemporary in a single package, the top of this can be a red piece of flexible armor and the players will have fingerless gloves to go with it. The pants have a detail of the tropic embroidered accompanied by high boots tan and a red knee and a shin on the left leg.

Pineapple Strummer Back Bling, seems to be a four-string ukulele that is somewhat stylized like a pineapple and has a flower and some leaves right at the base of the fretboard.

With the pia wrap you can also give a different touch to your weapons.

You will also receive 500 V-Bucks with which you can buy other items.

Fortnite Laguna Starter Pack Price

If you are interested in the new Skin and Comics, the complete set will be around the price of £ 3.99 (expected to be $ 4.99 when available on US digital stores), to buy it you should look for it in the digital store of each platform, for example if you are playing Fortnite in a PS4 console you should buy it in the Playstation store if you are an Xbox player you should go to the Xbox store, and it will be available until the next package launch

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