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Enhance your arsenal with this guide, in which we've put together everything you need to know about how to unlock the Crucible Sword in Doom Eternal.

What is the crucible sword in Doom Eternal.

It is a melee weapon which works similarly to the chainsaw, although it does not provide any ammunition when killing. It is a very powerful weapon when talking about melee combat, so knowing how to get it will be important to know how to unlock the crucible sword.

How to unlock Crucible Sword in Doom Eternal.

You'll be able to obtain this sword in the last missions of the game, specifically during the ninth mission, in which Doomslayer returns to the city of Sentinel to claim the sword he left before the events of the game.
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    The sword will be the heart of a fallen Titan, so go directly to this place just start the ninth mission, although you can get it simply by playing, advance through the mission completing the objectives until you get it.

    The weapon has the ability to kill many enemies with a single hit, although enemies like the Marauder will not be affected in the slightest, plus you will only be able to use it three times before all your energy is depleted, so try to replenish yourself immediately by using it and using it when really necessary and you can get energy quickly.

    This is how we finish this guide on how to unlock the crucible sword in Doom Eternal, which we hope will be useful for you to obtain this melee weapon and get its full potential in each confrontation.

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