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Division 2: Where to find the hyena keys.

2019-06-15 19:09:36

Do you already know where to find the hyena keys? If you still do not know, you'll have to know, the hyena keys is one of the first keys you'll need in The Division 2 when you find one of the green safes with the hyena symbol on the side.

The problem with hyena keys is that very few have found a Hyena key or some other key in The Division 2. So you probably have no more remote idea of ​​where to find the hyena key in The Division 2, but do not Worry that is what this guide is for, then we tell you where to find the hyena keys of The Division 2.

Where to find the hyena keys in The Division 2.

We've been searching high and low for all the different faction keys in The Division 2, and we already know where to find the hyena keys in The Division 2.

First you will have to go to the tunnels under the grounds of the White House, you will find the entries marked by the orange arrows on the map to find them more easily. When you get to the tunnels you will have to go through them looking for small cabinets on the walls. This is where you'll find Hyena Keys in The Division 2, along with Outcast Keys and True Sons Keys if you're lucky. Take some cabinets so that you are prepared when you find some boxes of hyena later.

The first underground entrance that you can enter is the one south of the White House, so first go there.

We recommend using Hyena Keys, Outcast Keys or True Sons Keys can open boxes these can find some of the best booties in the game to do so.

Hyenas Key Location Division 2

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