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Division 2: How to unlock the Gunner specialization

2019-06-19 22:46:17

Ubisoft Massive, developer of Division 2 recently released a new update for the title. This update brought with it a new specialization. This is Gunner, the first specialization of Division 2, although this specialization will not be available for any player so easy, if you want to enjoy it, you will have to win it. If you want to know how to unlock the Gunner specialization in Division 2, then continue reading.

Gunner Specialization in Division 2

Gunner is part of the Tidal Update 2 of Division 2. And since this update is already available, it means that the Division 2 Gunner specialization is also available. That's right, Gunner comes equipped with a powerful pistol, which will serve as the vanguard for SHD agents.

Unlock Gunner's specialization of Division 2

In Division 2 there are two ways to unlock Gunner's specialization. The first way is through challenges in Division 2. Where you will receive a total of 5 different tasks that you will have to complete to unlock Gunner's specialization. By completing all the tasks, you can play as Gunner.

The second way to unlock Gunner's specialization is with the Division 2 Annual Pass. So if you have the one-year Pass you can unlock Gunner's specialization immediately, although you will also be provided with a list of research challenges of special field to obtain unique cosmetic rewards once you have completed them.

Note that the Year One Pass not only guarantees the specialization of Gunner Division 2, it also includes early access to the episodes of Year One, eight exclusive narrative missions and many other surprises. If you do not have The Division 2 Year Pass, do not worry, you can buy it for $ 40 at Ubisoft Store.

The Division 2 of Tom Clancy - The trailer for the specialization of gunners | PS4

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