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We have prepared for you a guide to complete Don’t Ride Challenge in the game Days Gone Dead.

Why complete Don’t Ride Challenge in Days Gone Dead?

First of all it is necessary to clarify that the Days Gone Dead presents a new challenge to the players in which we are forced to have to get passengers in a golf cart but the detail is to use as little time as possible since we will be extremely limited by what is important to do a while between the player and the passengers of not m0ontar in exchange for acquiring more experience, and who will not want it, because the more experience you get the more you can advance in the game, you should keep in mind that this deal It will make you complete Don’t Ride Challenge the motorcycle and complete the challenge quickly and efficiently, where players have an assignment to deliver at least 36 passengers, which is what is required to obtain a high rating, keep in mind that the higher be the qualification, your passengers will be more satisfied and not happy with it the faster you deliver to the passengers, obviously the more experience you will have game argo.

Here are some tips to complete Don’t Ride Challenge in Days Gone Dead.

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    First of all the PlayStation portal has given us a couple of details that we must take into account to complete Don’t Ride Challenge during the game Days Gone Dead, the first advice you should take is to park as close as possible Where are the passengers you are going to move this will generate points, watch carefully so that you will not injure any of them, remember that each passenger will have a different difficulty, so it is important that you know and take into account the following , if you see a collection ring that is yellow means that it will be simple to the place where you will have to deliver it, the orange color indicates that it is moderately difficult but on the other hand if it is red it is extremely complicated so you must manage it because the most favorable degree of difficulty will be the gratification you get, also keep in mind that if you manage to run over swarmers it will be very beneficial for you because sa change a couple of seconds in your counter and oh when you have finally left your passengers in the place desired by them, the players receive 2000 experience and that is only for every second that the counter on the timer means that you should do everything possible to run over several swarmers so you can gain more experience in Days Gone Dead.

    We hope this guide has served you to achieve the goal of complete Don’t Ride Challenge in the game Days Gone Dead, so to have fun at full speed.

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