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Apex Legends Wattson Guide: Abilities, Tips, tricks, Strengths and more

2019-06-10 17:55:32

After the wait, now Apex Legends decided to reveal information about his Legend number 10. Answering the name of Wattson, many consider that it is a character completely different from the rest of his friends and seems to focus on blocking skills to counteract the offensive skills, in addition to presenting a series of passive bonuses that can be very good. Because of this, it is very likely that you want to learn the skills and complexities of Wattson, which is why this guide has been created for the players of Apex Legends.

Wattson All Abilities Detailed Guide

Natalie "Wattson" Paquette at Apex Legends

tenth character of Apex Legends is known as Natalie "Wattson" Paquette.
This is a very important figure in the history of Apex Legends.
Wattson, accompanied by her father, was one of those who helped design
the arena for the Apex Games along with her death ring.

Wattson's father ended up leaving her, she finally managed to get a new
family in the Apex Legends. The developer Respawn Entertainment itself
described Wattson's relationship with other characters as a "little
sister" among all.

Among the things that are known about Wattson
in Apex Legends, is the fact that he has a set of defensive skills with
which he can keep the battle under control.

On the other hand, it
also seems that Wattson has some connection to "The Syndicate" and
although Respawn has not given enough information about what this shady
group is about, the developer of Apex Legends announced that more Apex
stories are coming. Legends coming soon, of course starting with

Wattson moves in Apex Legends: tactical ability and passive ability

has become clear that Wattson is a purely defensive character. However
its main ability can do direct damage to enemies, differentiating it
from most of the characters in Apex Legends. Since the results for their
special ability are variants, it is necessary to guide Wattson, his
allies and his enemies to the places where you would like to fight.

tactical ability is Perimeter Security. In this sense the genius
creates up to 12 metal towers that connect with electric beams, in any
form. These fences made by metal towers allow Wattson to influence
damage to his enemies, as well as knowing his location. In addition,
Wattson can stand next to his towers to recharge, but in this case the
allies will disable the field when they walk through it.

passive ability is like a "Spark of genius". Wattson can get a full
load of the Ultimate Accelerant object, differentiating it from all
other characters.

The Last of Wattson: Interception Pylon in Apex Legends

skill of Wattson is really impressive. This one takes by name: Pylon of
interception and has the capacity to create until about three "super
pylons" that allow to intercept enemy ammunitions, eliminating effects
made by grenades, the stars of arc and the aerial bombings.
addition to the maximum protection offered by this Ultimate of Wattson,
the ability Pylon of interception also possesses an additional defensive
bonus, and that is that it will allow you to recharge allied shields if
a player stands close enough to a Pylon.

Strengths and weaknesses of Watton in Apex Legends

not much information has been communicated about Wattson since he is
not yet in Apex Legends. However, some details are known.

As far
as strengths are concerned, until now it is known that Wattson is the
second character to be able to cure his allies, apart from Lifeline.
Taking this into account and combining it with your Ultimate Accelerant,
it can be a good main option for support players.

As for the
weak points, Wattson only has the ability to heal shields when his
Ultimate Skill is loaded. Of course it means that it will be less
frequent than Lifeline. On the other hand, it is thought that Wattson
will also present the same problems as other defensive type characters
and since Apex Legends is a fast and mobile game, the skills that remain
static are not useful at all.

Recommendations and advice when using Wattson in Apex Legends

It is important to consider that Wattson only heals shields when his last one is completely loaded, it is good that they stay separated and place some more offensive characters in your team.

It is necessary to pay attention to the pings. Pings have always been an important part of Apex Legends. With Wattson this becomes even more important. For their part, their towers will be alerted when enemies try to pass through their electric fences, it is important to be aggressive when this opportunity arises. These will damage and temporarily slow down, giving a small advantage where you will have an advantage.

Unlike Lifeline, it can be taken as a good support class to play with groups of random players in which it is necessary to react with lack of communication, Wattsons plus a team player. In this sense Wattson can perform better when he has friends to communicate with, so it is advisable that his fences should be placed in areas where his allies should not or can not move.

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