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Are you presenting black and white screen problems in Barotrauma? Find out how to fix it here.

Barotrauma is a video game where you must overcome the relentless pressure of an icy ocean. Explore a strange new world in Jupiter's orbit and face off with alien beings forming your team and directing your crew. However, in this game you may be presented with the black and white screen launching. If you want to know how to fix it, continue reading.

How to fix the white or black screen in Tencent gaming buddy by MOHIT GAMER

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Barotrauma starts and closes instantly.

If at the start of the game you see the white screen, then the black screen, and after 3 seconds the game closes without any error, it is not so serious, you only miss some libraries. Mostly this is OpenAL.

Now, if there is the presence of a virus. VirusTotal could help you or search you on the Internet with the query "Download OpenGL32.dll". Once you have downloaded it just install it and enjoy the game.

But if on the contrary the previous option did not help, you can try the following:

Install / Update the following programs:

- DirectX - Download link - Microsoft [].
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4 - Download link - Microsoft [].
- Microsoft XNA Framework - Download link - Microsoft [www].
- Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 - Download link - Microsoft [].
- Visual C ++ for Visual Studio 2015 - Download link - Microsoft [].

Another thing that you must take into account is the driver on the video card, however, this game works even on a discrete video card.

Disables the initial videos.

- In the config.xml file, look very close in the upper line enabledplashscreen = "true".
- Replace the value with true
enableplashscreen = "false".

 Windows 7

Most do not work in this version. Most of the 7, the game does not work from However, previous versions run without problems when installing OpenAL.

With these options you can fix black and white screen in Barotrauma.

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