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PS5 came to offer us the opportunity to have fun in a big way, and therefore it is convenient to tell you How to refresh or change NAT type.

What is the purpose of updating or changing the NAT type in PS5?

It is necessary to take charge of making an update or change because ISP companies usually have some inconveniences related to bandwidth, this is because today most people must stay at home and therefore this implies more use of the internet, in this sense, knowing how to refresh or change NAT type of NAT emerges as an indispensable task to continue using the PS5 normally.

While it is true, the new generation consoles have only been on the market for half a year, it is necessary to solve some failures, and specifically we must consider knowing how to refresh or change NAT type and in this way continue the entertainment in the PS5, in this order of ideas, we invite you to continue reading this guide.

Before knowing How to refresh or change NAT type of NAT, it is necessary to have knowledge about the type of NAT and this is nothing more than the translation of network identifications, which implies sending and receiving faster bytes of data from each device, however, taking the information can be a complex enough matter, because taking the information from the IP address can be quite a challenge, however, this should not be anything strange, if we take into consideration the hardware of the PS5, which It implies a minimal interruption in relation to the game that we are playing online, in fact checking it on the console can become difficult but not impossible.

How to refresh or change NAT type in PS5?

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    This process first requires knowing the types of NAT.

    There is NAT type 1, 2, 3, it is good to know that the preferred types of NAT to play are usually 1 and 2, however, if there is a problem with NAT type 2, it is convenient to change to NAT type 1 , this allows to play with a more open connection and therefore have more possibilities to play with other players.

     To improve the NAT type in PS5 it is necessary to:

    • Go to "Network settings" and proceed to select "View connection".
    • Then we proceed to select "Connection Status" and write down the "NAT Type" on the screen along with the "IP Address".
     In the router, it is necessary to log in to the "Admin" page of the web browser either on PC, Tablet or Smartphone and from there:
    • Locate a setting called "Forwarding" or "Port Forwarding" where "UpnP" or "Universal Plug and Play" is usually enabled.
    • Next, it is necessary to return to the PS5 to locate the network configuration where it is usually necessary to enter the ports:

              TCP: 3480, 3479, 3478, 443, 80

              UDP: 3478, 3479.

    • Then we must return to "Connection status" and the "NAT type" should be different.

    Now that you know how to refresh or change NAT typeit is time to apply these changes and in this way continue to enjoy PS5.

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