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Guide to learn how to fast travel in New World

  Amazon's New World MMO has the option to explore a new landmass covered in corruption, forcing you to rely on gathering resources across the land and creating many items yourself. In the middle of the adventure it can take a long time to move from one place to another, but you should know that there is the option of fast travel between the largest cities and that is what we will take care of teaching you in this guide.

How to fast travel in New World?

Open your map and choose any of the city icons. You must click on the town hall to continue.

Each region has a settlement that you can visit.

Traveling to these places costs Azoth.

You can receive Azoth by completing Corrupted Breaches in the game or by taking down difficult enemies.

If you are in the same region as the settlement, it usually costs 50 azoth. When you are outside the region of a settlement or fort, the cost increases by 25, along with an additional tax cost, but it may be the case that your faction or company rules the area. In that case, you will receive a discount for fast travel expenses to the settlement there.

Fast travel seems to be the fastest way to travel the New World. To move around the map faster, you may want to take on some of the toughest challenges in the game.

 Now that you know how to travel fast in New World you can move to any distance at a reasonable price depending on the destination and the mission that you must accomplish there.

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