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Mortal Shell: Where to find Weapons

2020-07-08 12:16:53

This time we return with a Mortal Shell guide aiming to explain where to find weapons.

What to know about weapons in Mortal Shell?

We have access to an outstanding group of weapons, which present each of their movements and different capabilities, these being specific to complete the entire journey of the game, having an idea of ​​where to find weapons, we have the content of this guide, let's see what it brings us then.

Where to find weapons in Mortal Shell?

Ammunition is not of great importance in this game, since with which they are possible it is possible to load any of the weapons, we can also improve the damage capacities that these occasional connections are possible with the Extinction Acid object, you must also have consider the 2 skills with the count each weapon, let's see the following:

The Martyr's Blade

In the beta we have not found the location of this weapon, but it should be noted that it has 2 abilities and these are:

  • Petrified Winter Crystal: Able to harm enemies by freezing them
  • Radiant Winter Clock: By jumping into the air we are going to crash causing everyone to freeze in an AoE.

The Holy Sword

We will get it in the default start section, it has 2 skills and these are the following:

  • Molten Spike: Unknown
  • Mechanical Spike: With this ability we will make a leap forward with equipment equipped and make a devastating spike attack.

The Hammer and Chisel

It is necessary that we go to the abandoned chamber, next to the anvil in the crypt, we are going to get this weapon, which also has 2 abilities that are the following:

  • Foul Censor: Unknown
  • Perfume Censer: By means of turns that we will make, we are going to damage all the enemies that are surrounding us.

We hope that the specific information here on where to find weapons was useful for fun in Mortal Shell.

Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4 PS4, Xbox One
Action role-playing RPG
Cold Symmetry
Unreal Engine 4
Release date:
18 August 2020

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