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We have made a Outward The Soroboreans Guide for you where we are going to explain everything about the Corruption Guide, let's see.

The first thing we must consider in this Corruption Guide is that there are two types of corruption: positive and negative, and each of them can present us with some relevant and interesting aspects, since this is nothing more than a game mechanic.

What are the types and levels of corruption in Outward The Soroboreans?

It is important to be clear that this is going to be adapted from 0 to 100, since the level of the player usually has some different effect, so it is necessary to know the Corruption Guide and this is presented to us in this way:

  • Pure: this requires a 0 percent level of corruption, this means that it is free of positive and negative effects.
  • Stained: To achieve this effect, at least 25 percent corruption is necessary.
  • Corrupted: A corruption level of 50 percent is required.
  • Desecrated: this implies having a corruption of 75 percent
  • Desecrated II: To achieve this, it is necessary to obtain 100 percent of the corruption, especially it has the possibility of granting us 30 impact damage, 45 physical damage, extreme poison, haunted, condemned.

How to get corruption in Outward The Soroboreans?

  • In the corrupt areas marked with green smoke on the Antigua plateau.
  • Consuming some food and potions that can grant us corruption.
  • Using some combinations of blood seal, this can be achieved by being attacked by the scourge or by Wendigos.

Is it possible to reduce corruption in Outward The Soroboreans ??

If possible and there are various forms, stories such as:

The Sanctifying Potion

Reduces corruption by 20 percent and requires using the Alchemy kit to use it.

  • Dreamer Root.
  • Hidden remains.
  • Leyline water.
  • Purifying quartz.

Potion of Innocence.

  • Requires using the Alchemy kit.
  • Thick oil.
  • Boozu milk.
  • Purifying quartz.
  • Dark stone

Cleaning ability

  • Allows to reduce corruption by 50 percent.
  • It is necessary to go with Ella Lockweel in Hermattna to learn the cleansing skill.

Potion of purity.

  • The alchemy kit is required.
  • The Sanctifying Potion.
  • An elementary particle.

Now that you have this Corruption Guide available, it is your decision to use it or not while you are in Outward The Soroboreans.

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