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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-08 18:38:02

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Our trip in Destiny 2 has allowed us to get many necessary elements, so today we explain how to get ruinous effigy

What is the ruinous effigy in Destiny 2?

Our path through this game has offered us the opportunity to explore and get a host of interesting and very useful items but  ruinous effigy specifically is a very valuable item and this is particularly because this is a new, very powerful weapon and with a certain similarity to an exotic tracking rifle, which has, among many uses, the ability to turn enemies into empty transmutation spheres.
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How to get ruinous effigy in Destiny 2?

The first thing we should consider is accepting a Missive mission, for this it is necessary to go to the annex and there proceed to interact with the Prismatic Collector, then proceed to follow some instructions to complete this mission but the good thing is that it is usually done quickly starting from:


  •  Complete the weekly mission.
  • Then complete the interference mission io.
  • Then locate on the io of Mercury, Mars, Titan and get 25 fragments of calcified light.
  • Play in public events where it will be necessary to defeat at least 15 puppets.
  • Get to play Gambit or Reckoning to find 25 multiple precision kills, 100 void kills, and 18 completion points.


 After completing this mission and all these tasks it is time to return to the Prismatic Receiver again because it is our objective to claim the weapon, and thereby proceed to get all the valuable advantages, making it clear that knowing how to obtain the dilapidated effigy is simply a task. necessary, since we are allowed to take empty enemies and practically turn them into our weapons, we also have the possibility of having a catalyst for this weapon and that allows us to destroy the eyes of Savathun, since this weapon has the ability of doing at least 1000 rounds per minute and about 60 shots.

 Definitely knowing how to get ruinous effigy simply allows us to grab an excellent and very useful weapon in Destiny 2.

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